How it Works

Consignment Items

Rhinestone Ranch has several factors that affect what items can be taken in on consignment:
* Brand
* Age
* Condition
* Current Trends
* Seasonality
* Space (at times when we are more full in the shop, we will be more selective on what we take in)
Some examples of the items we consign on a regular basis are:
Cleaned and conditioned bridles, bits and training gear; clean riding apparel in good condition (no holes or stains), including lightly-used jackets, show shirts, paddock boots, field boots, dress boots, breeches, jeans, chaps, half chaps and schooling wear; equine-related books, pictures, home-decor, western purses and jewelry; clean horse blankets; and, other cleaned and conditioned equine-related items and equipment. 

We do not accept-
Any dry rotted strap goods, dangerous tack, used brushes, pads with a lot of horse hair or blankets that have not been laundered. 
Note: Rhinestone Ranch can repair damaged blankets or oil tack, if necessary, for an upfront fee to the consignor prior to being placed on consignment.

How it works-
* Items will be accepted during business hours. An appointment is not necessary, but a phone call would be appreciated. 
* The consignor contract is available on the website under "Forms" if you wish to fill out ahead of bringing your items in to the shop. Otherwise forms will be available in person and a signed contract of 90 days is required in order to leave any items.
* All items MUST be left in the shop for the 90 day contract period and are not to be advertised or sold by the consignor outside of the shop. If they are picked up early, consignor is required to give Rhinestone Ranch 5 business days notice and will be charged $5 per item or $35 per saddle.
* Consignor receives 65% and Rhinestone Ranch receives 35% of final selling price of all items. 
* Rhinestone Ranch reserves the sole right to reduce the price of items by up to 50% after 60 days to encourage sale and upon completion of the 90 day contract, the consignor must either renew/extend the contract or pick up remaining unsold items. 

Saddle Trials

If you do purchase a used or consignment saddle, it comes with no warranty expressed or implied because we can’t know its entire history.  We do offer a 48 hour trial period for you and/or your trainer to help make an informed investment decision.
Once you’re ready to take the saddle on a 48 hour trial, full payment will be collected in the form of cash or card only and remember that it will need to come back to us in the exact condition you received it.
To make sure that happens:
 always wrap your leathers before you ride in English saddles. Try plastic wrap or an old tube sock with the toe cut off.
 never wear tall boots or chaps (half or full!) as they can leave dark marks that the next lover of the saddle won’t love so much.
• always use a saddle pad between your horse and the saddle to keep the fleece, panels and flaps sweat-free.
• never oil or clean the saddle unless you’re ready to give it its forever home.
• always remember that after 48 hours the saddle is YOURS!

Other Odds & Ends

We do not take checks as a form of payment

Credit card purchases will be refunded to the same credit card used for payment and may take up to 5 business days to appear back in your account.

We typically only allow returns on consignment saddles (within the 48 hour window) but not other consignment items (it gets pretty messy on the books when keeping track of many different consignor's items if things are constantly coming and going). Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, but re-consigning an item that may not work out is always an option.
We also offer Gift Certificates for those hard to shop for equestrians.